Bart Marks founded the Ice on Fire diamond brand because he truly believed there was a better way to cut a diamond. “In my heart I know an exquisitely formed, optically pure diamond crystal wants to be a Ice on Fire diamond and I think I can prove it.” Ice on Fire diamonds measures up, in every sense of the words, providing a bigger brighter whiter appearance even compared to other top rated diamonds. “Cutters need to make a lot of difficult choices,” Bart explains, “but choosing beauty over weight is what we do; it’s the art of diamond cutting. If you just want the diamond to be heavy, don’t cut it at all.”



Bart Marks

President & Founder

Bart grew up in the jewelry business joining Rogers Jewelry Co. of California after graduating from the University of Iowa where he was a member of the famous Writers Workshop. Bart has held many positions in his long career in the jewelry business including Vice President of Marketing and Vice president of Brand Development for the global diamond brand Hearts On Fire. He has worked as Executive Vice President for the landmark San Francisco jeweler Shreve and Co. Currently Bart is the Vice President of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California and CEO of Rogers of NV, as well as President of Ice on FireDiamonds.

Co-founders of Ice on FireDiamonds are Bart’s father Roger Marks and his brother Robert Marks.

Roger Marks


Roger Marks, the CEO of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California, has been a leader in the jewelry industry throughout his long and productive career. His jewelry industry service includes: Vice President and President of the California Jewelers Association and Treasurer of the Jewelers of America. Mr. Marks was installed as the President of the Jewelers of America in July of 1989. He has been guest speaker at various seminars and conventions and is often shown and quoted in national and regional industry magazine publications

Robert Marks


Robert Marks is President of Rogers Jewelry Co. of California and President of Rogers of NV. His jewelry industry service includes President of the California Jewelers Association and President of the Leading Jewelers Guild. Robert sits on the Jewelers of America “Smart Business” education task force, and like his father Roger is extremely active in his local community, supporting such organizations as: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, The Salvation Army, The Gallo Center for the Arts, Youth for Christ, Community Hospice, Rotary International, Lions International, Modesto Union Gospel Mission, Bethany Christian Services, The Criminal Justice League and Big Valley Good Samaritan.


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World renowned for gemological breakthroughs employing proprietary cutting techniques, there’s not a company in the world that makes a better Round, Princess or Cushion diamond than Hasenfeld-Stein.

DeBeers Sightholder and Forevermark Diamantaire, Hasenfeld-Stein was founded in 1949 by Mr. Alexander Hasenfeld. He had a business philosophy back then, and it is that same philosophy that drives Hasenfeld-Stein today – “Do what you do best, and do it better than anyone else.”

What makes Hasenfeld-Stein unique, and separates them from other diamond companies is a steadfast willingness to sacrifice yield for beauty. This is their promise to you, the ultimate consumer: “We never cut a diamond to maximize weight. We cut weight… to make a more beautiful diamond.”

Meeting the strictest demands of many of the world’s most important retailers has always been at the heart of what we do. More important however, it is this focus that assures you are purchasing one of the most perfectly cut diamonds in all the world.

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IDOR Diamonds

Take three brothers from a family with a long history in the diamond business. Give them twenty years cutting their teeth in the world-wide diamond trade. Then mix in a good portion of Chicago sensibility and cool, and the result is one of the most innovative diamond wholesale companies in the world.

IDOR Diamonds is family owned in the heart of Chicago’s diamond district, and run by three brothers: Idan, Dorian and Ohad. They’ve been in the business long enough to know what works, and bold enough to change the things that don’t.

The goal of IDOR Diamonds is to reinvent the efficiency, trust and overall satisfaction we provide to those who do business with them.

They consistently vet their rough diamond sources. So you know with an unparalleled degree of certainty that the diamonds you buy are coming from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict, and are compliant with United Nations resolutions and the Kimberly process. They guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our cutting houses located in Johannesburg, South Africa, Moscow, Russia and in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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Varsha Diamonds

Varsha Diamonds was founded by Pankaj Mehta over 30 years ago. Established in the late 1980’s as a Diamond Manufacturer and Distributor of Loose Diamonds; the focus and commitment of the founder was to share love in the form of a Natural Diamond, the ultimate gift of the heart.
Pankaj’s true love for his wife, Varsha, prompted him to name the business after her. His words of wisdom: “If you love what you do, you will excel in that line of work, and don’t just be good at it, be the best! Because love is the closest thing to magic.”

Pankaj passed his belief in “making magic happen every day” to his sons, Nick and Jay who handle the day to day operations of the company now. The belief Nick and Jay share for the value of cutting edge technology and new science has transformed the company.

Today Varsha diamonds excels at the art of cutting diamonds well, and beginning with the premier Octahedron Rough cut the exquisite clear crystals to the most demanding standards in the industry, the Ice on Fire round brilliant cut.

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Julius Klein Group (JKG)

From the heart of the Diamond District in New York City, the Julius Klein Group has been a family owned and operated preeminent manufacturer/supplier for over 65 years. They specialize in natural polished diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colors; no other diamond company offers a more vast selection than JKG.

Every JKG diamond is certified by an accredited gem laboratory such as GIA, Forevermark, and AGS. It is their priority to provide the right diamond at the right time. JKG values the principles of accountability, honesty, and integrity and seek to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of their global operations and activities.